Are you a Happy Vegan?

Food preferences and food allergies are becoming more common - from lactose-free to gluten, every day people are avoiding an array of ingredients, and millions of people out there are constantly on the hunt for new, tastier, healthier foods to eat. It’s simply harder than it should be.

Faced with the difficulty in sourcing healthy alternatives to indulgent foods, Happy Vegan was founded in 2019 in the kitchen of fitness instructor Kashish Amit. She’s been passionately invested in this project after committing to a Vegan lifestyle.

Happy Vegan believes that good, healthy food is the start of change - for your personal happiness, your family and the environment. All our products follow this principle right from conceptualization and execution and thus sourcing only organic products and recipes with no-added sugar and eco-friendly packaging making Happy Vegan’s products extremely accessible and convenient and time saving without the guilt.

Our FSSAI reg no. is 21220189000166


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